Help for Victims of RSD

RSD/CRPS is a bit of a mystery because it can originate with no known cause. For other sufferers, however, the disease is diagnosed following an injury of some sort. Possible injuries leading to RSD/CRPS include sprains, repetitive movement disorders (including carpal tunnel syndrome), broken bones, heart attacks, strokes, or head injuries. The disease may also be diagnosed if signs are not immediately recognized following surgery.

Sadly, there is currently no cure for RSD/CRPS. Therefore, available help for victims of RSD/CRPS relies heavily on treatment options rather than cures. Treatment options must be tailored to fit the individual patient. While some treatment options may work for one victim, they may be unsuccessful in another. The best course of treatment is usually a combination of therapies which may include on or more courses of action including physical therapy, topical analgesics, anti depressants, nerve blockers, etc. Nerve blockers are especially effective in many adults, while many children respond best to physical therapy.

In cases of RSD/CRPS, neglect/negligence may be to blame for the onset of the disease. In cases where the disease becomes present following a surgery or injury, treatment must be prompt to be effective. When this does not occur, help for victims of RSD/CRPS becomes imperative.

Finding an attorney who is familiar with cases such as yours is the best step in finding, help for victims of RSD/CRPS. In doing so, you can rest assured that your case will be handled professionally and thoroughly. Because medical personnel and the general population are still grossly uninformed about RSD/CRPS, many cases of the disease that could have been prevented or treated in the earliest stages often go undiagnosed. A qualified attorney familiar with RSD/CRPS will help you with your case so that you can get back to your recovery.

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