Patient Stories - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD)

Patient stories are unique with RSD. As with other chronic illnesses, patients with RSD experience a wide variety of "highs and lows," with their disease. For some, the pain is debilitating. For others, the pain is manageable with traditional or homeopathic treatments.

When reviewing RSD patient stories, a common theme can be seen. Yes, it's true that the severity of the disease is different for each story. Yes, it's true that many people seek out various alternative treatments that are tailored to their individual cases. But what resonates throughout each of the patient stories is a sense of strength; what resonates is a will to go on, to persevere, and to triumph in any way possible.

For one woman with RSD, persevering in the face of her illness meant battling her insurance company... and winning. For another victim, it meant bringing knowledge to others about the emotional problems associated with RSD and other chronic conditions. Because RSD is debilitating and chronically painful, suicidal tendencies can be relatively common, and therefore must be treated with psychiatric help. Still, within other patient stories, there were tales of overcoming the debilitation of the disease, of regaining mobility that had been lost, of seeking and finding alternative health remedies to manage pain, etc.

No, not all patient stories have a happy ending. Some people with RSD suffer greatly for many years. But by seeking out and hearing other people's stories it can give victims the strength to fight their disease to the best of their ability. RSD is not a fatal disease. With the right treatments and care, there is hope for patients with this disease.

RSD can alter your life. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with RSD, it is important to find an attorney who is familiar with this disease. Behind all patient stories there is a living, breathing human being. A qualified attorney will see beyond your disease and will help you reclaim your rights and your independence.

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